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The captivating series encompassing five insightful episodes from COP 28 UAE!

Discover the voices that drive this monumental event:


Part 1 - Unveil the stories behind the COP 28 logo and the impactful role of volunteers, government opportunities, and youth voices.


Part 2 - Dive into finance, exchanges, and the carbon market, featuring perspectives from Aberdeen, London Stock Exchange, and the World Federation of Exchanges.


Part 3 - Explore the realm of Climate Tech with insights from CTCN, Tech UK, Aveva, and Earth Observation System specialists.


Part 4 - Gain insights into the Green Energy Transition through an advisory perspective to the CEO of the Green Energy Council.


Part 5 - Experience an exclusive interview with the Founder and CEO of the World Climate Foundation. Don't miss these enriching dialogues shaping our climate future!

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